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About Us


BACKFLOW TECHNOLOGIES has two certified testers and two Backflow Specialists to handle all of your backflow needs.  Our testers can certify and / or repair most Backflow Prevention Assemblies (BPA’s) on the market and in use today. (Some BPA’s are old enough that parts are no longer available). Our  specialists can perform surveys for municipalities, water purveyors, or  individual commercial businesses to determine and identify their  specific backflow hazards, along with the related backflow needs and  requirements.

We carry a large inventory of BPA’s, along with factory repair parts and kits,
which allows us to repair and certify most assemblies on site.

Backflow Technologies is a licensed contractor and capable of  installing new BPA’s, as well as retrofitting existing commercial  businesses with a BPA. We have  tested and / or repaired, replaced or installed assemblies from the .5”  model located on soda fountain carbonators to the 10” manifold  assemblies on a main water supply.

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